Caves, Caverns, Trails & A Suspension Bridge – An Adventure for Everyone.

We only hiked over 3 km’s in about and hour and a half but WOW…Scenic Caves in Collingwood, Ontario which is located at the highest part of the Niagara Escarpment is  spectacular and jaw-dropping. 🙂

With a map given at the entrance to explore their 17 Scenic Caves and Cavern, this self-guided hike was an adventure from the beginning.  The hike also included the Suspension Bridge, which is the the longest suspension footbridge in Southern Ontario at 420′ (feet).  The view of Georgian Bay was breathtaking.

It is recommend to wear hiking boots or hiking shoes.  Animals are not permitted.  There is a lot of climbing over rocks and possibly sitting on your butt to get down from boulders. (Speaking from experience) 😉  The Caves and Caverns are closed in the winter months for safety but the Suspension Bridge and hiking (snowshoe) trails are open all year round.

The Scenic Caves are, according to their website – “A historic village site, home of the “Deer Tribe” of the Petun First Nations people.”

Here is a list of the 17 Scenic Caves, Caverns & Trials in order.  Pictures are from our experience.

1. Natural Refrigerator – The cave keeps a cool temperature of 4°C for food storage for the Natives.  Although I didn’t explore this one, my partner did and loved it.  At one point you had to go on your butt to slide down the rock to walk the rest.

2.  Ice Cave

3.  First View

4.  Petun Trail

5.  Lover’s Rest

6.  Maiden’s Love

7.  Signal Point

8.  Council Chamber – A view of Georgian Bay

9. Ekarenniondi

10. Fat Man’s Misery

You can either go through this cave or bypass and walk up the steep stairs to #11.  Again, I tried to attempt this one, but going in knowing it is only 35 cm’s / 14 inches wide, my partner had to exhale his lungs to get through.  You had to go in with your back to the wall and walk sideways.  So I just went down the steep stairs to take this picture of the entrance.

11. Fern Cave

12.  Preacher’s Pulpit – From the sign on the wall “It is believed the cavern walls were separated by ice movement in the Glacial Age.  The right wall is limestone and the black portion of the left wall is iron ore.”

13.  Petun Arch – At the bottom of this photo, you had to duck your head to walk through.

14.  Native Chief – This is a rock formation resembling the head of a Native Chief.

15.  Petun Fortress

16.  Bear Cave

17.  Lone Rock

Here are some random photos of our adventure including the Suspension Bridge.

Happy adventuring! #getoutside ♥

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